Can’t find that furniture piece or decorating accessory that you are looking for? Want to come to Europe and shop at the famous flea markets but can’t?  If you want those high dollar items sold in the United States but don’t want to pay retail, let me help you find deals of a lifetime!  Design Eur Life offers our clients the ability to obtain high quality, low cost European antiques and home decor accessories for a fraction of what they would pay in the States.  Whether you are looking to ship a container full of goodies back home or just a few treasures to your doorstep, we will work to find all of your wish-list items.


  • Fill out our online form and begin creating your wish-list.
  • Once your request is received, we will contact you to prioritize your wish-list items within your budget and determine a buying timeline.
  • Payment {flea market budget + commission fee} shall be made in full before we begin shopping.
  • When payment is received, we’ll get to shopping and scouring the European flea markets for your wish-list items.
  • After all of your purchases have been made, we will prepare for shipment.
  • Throughout this process, we will keep a direct line of communication open with you.


  • Design Eur Life charges a 25% commission on your flea market budget.
  • Design Eur Life charges an administrative fee of $200.00 to cover transportation costs for your flea market run.
  • Individual flea market runs will only be made for budgets of $1000.00 or more; however, clients wishing to spend less than this amount can be put on a waiting list and serviced on a combined flea market run. {Note: $200.00 transportation fee may be waived for clients on a combined flea market run}
  • Shipping costs will be assessed once your items have been purchased.  Once the cost of shipment has been determined, payment is due in full before your items leave Europe.
  • Design Eur Life accepts multiple forms of payment including wire transfer, personal check, and Paypal.

Design Eur Life works hard to get you the best deal possible but makes no guarantees that we will be able to find everything on your list within the confines of your budget.


If you are interested in learning more about our Personal Shopping Services, feel free to send us a message!



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